European youth presents new European Citizens' Constitution

European youth presents new European Citizens' Constitution


On March 23, 2017, 150 youth representatives from 38 countries, who had assembled in the European Parliament to write a new European Constitution, presented their eagerly anticipated results to the public: "The European Youth Convention Citizens' Constitution".

You can read it online here.


In three and a half days, these young Europeans developed this cornerstone of a newly united Europe with the help of the Malik Syntegration method in Strasbourg during the European Youth Convention (EYC) from March 9 – 12, 2017.



The European youth representatives not only wanted to work out a better constitution for Europe, but to do it in a more democratic way. An astonishingly concise concept was created, with clear notions that are supposed to help Europe out of its crisis and make it strong in order to deal with its current major challenges. The results will be presented at the “March for Europe” on March 25, 2017 in Rome on the occasion of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the Treaty of Rome.


The timing couldn’t be better. The European Union is facing one of the biggest crises since its inception, a period of global change and major insecurities. The youth representatives are not willing to simply accept this. “The European Youth Convention clearly says: Dear decision-makers of today, we want change! The youth wants to empower the European Union and at the same time make it more accountable,” says Jérôme Quéré, President of JEF France, the organization behind the convention. „Europe as a whole is in miserable shape“, and: “It needs more than ever to incorporate its youth in decision-making,“ Céline Geissmann, Vice President of JEF France, and Carina Autengruber, co-organizer of the EYC, recap. 


The EYC not only wants to send a clear signal, it also wants to show new ways of how politics can be done. To achieve this, they contacted the Malik Institute St. Gallen because Syntegration incorporates all ideals of a real democracy.  Jérôme Quéré explains: „The past years of EU politics have been based on the least common denominator, causing nationalism to spread. In contrast, the European Youth Convention aimed for a maximum commitment by and consensus among its members. That is why we have partnered with the Malik Institute, whose social technology Syntegration® brought about just that; it enabled participants to produce the Citizens Constitution in highly inclusive spirit.”


In only 3.5 these young Europeans interconnected their visions for and knowledge of a better Europe and worked out this new constitution. They drew on what makes Europe strong: Diversity and the ability to handle this diversity together. “United in diversity, we, the European citizens…," is how the new European constitution thus starts.


The Malik Syntegration made possible a highly interconnected information exchange, completely equal participation and therefore optimal opinion and consensus building. A voting on the final decision marked the end of the process―a decision reached through altogether different ways than usually employed in modern party democracy: Not by cumbersome negotiations which usually end with the smallest compromise, but by participation and communication processes for the biggest possible consensus. “The interconnection and the thereby―and only thereby― arising dynamics and effectiveness of the communication process leads to the best possible results. It must not be any interconnection, it has to be the right one,” Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik, who personally accompanied and supported the process with his team, emphasized.


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