Malik Master of Management® Program

Managing complexity in the New World and creating new organizations

Our Master of Management® Program is the best and most encompassing education for the highest management levels of every organization.


With our Master Program we set a counterpoint to current MBA programs and we set new standards regarding both content and methods. We define advanced management education in a new way. Our Master of Management Program can be done extra-occupational and is conducted in German. More information

Main speaker

Fredmund  Malik  

Prof. Dr.
Fredmund Malik

Founder, Chairman and CEO Malik

Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik, the founder and chairman of Malik, is an acclaimed international management expert and scientific thinker. He was Professor of corporate management and governance at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria. For his work and research, Prof. Malik has been awarded multiple accolades, amongst them the honorary cross for sciences and art of Austria for his development of wholistic management systems and the Heinz-von-Foerster prize.