Leadership in Management - Management for Leadership

The Malik Academy is the research and design center for our Wholistic Management Education for Correct and Good Management. In our General Management Education Programs, we convey the Malik New World Education, the necessary knowledge for mastering the complexity and dynamism of the transformational change of the 21st century.


Our education portfolio encompasses all formats of advanced knowledge communications, such as face-to-face, digital, and blended formats. Among these are also a number of revolutionary innovations in didactics and solution performance. Both have been made possible by our cyber tools, which we use to make the system-cybernetic natural laws of functioning applicable for organizations.


Our portfolio includes:

  • Extensive, wholistic programs for generalist on various organizational levels
  • Online programs and blended learning sets for maximizing individual flexibility

The in-house education portfolio of our Academy is a result of our to-date highly developed Malik Systems®. Thanks to new tools and our Malik High Performance Didactics®, our clients obtain top-level expertise in leadership and management with a level of effectiveness and speed that would have been thought impossible until now.

With the Malik ROME® concept (Return on Management Education), many of our programs even pay for themselves, because they provide a directly quantifiable financial return.

Total Immersion / Exploration

Our proprietary Malik Management Systems®, the tools for managers that enable organizations to function optimally, contain the logic of success – a synonym for effective general management. They guarantee uniform management terminology, are universally applicable, modular in nature, and configurable for every organization – regardless of the field of activity or size. They are applied in Malik management consulting and training, in fundamental change management, in HR and organizational development, and in one-to-one coaching.