How we see management

We see Right and Good Management as the social function, which enables the organizations and systems of a society to function properly.


Our understanding is: 

»  Management is the moving force wherever many people can only reach common objectives by sharing work and knowledge.

»  Management is the organ of leadership in all our social institutions – in business enterprises as well as universities, hospitals, cities and all other organizations.

»  Management has to give direction to the institution it guides. It has to think through the mission of the institution and adjust its objectives accordingly. And it must organize resources for the results the institution has to achieve.


This wholistic understanding of management also includes the enabling of people to contribute to the right functioning of their organizations. Management understood in this way creates purpose, orientation, structure and performance. Thereby, it also achieves political and societal responsibility and ethics. Only by means of right management the resources of a society will be transformed effectively into useful results and value.


Management – Mastering Complexity

One of the biggest challenges of management is the exponentially increasing complexity and the dynamics of change of today’s global and interconnected systems. Prof. Malik calls the profound changes which come with this "The Great Transformation21".

That is why he understands management also as the mastering of complexity and has given this title to the series of books comprising six volumes. This perspective reveals the best access to management in its wholeness and allows developing the best solutions for it.

Management – the profession of effectiveness

Managers or executives are those persons who embody this social function and practice it as a profession. Part of this is to do the right thing for an organization and to do it well. This is why I also understand management as the profession of effectiveness in complex systems.Only by means of that ‒ far beyond financial resources ‒ also talent, intelligence, creativity, infor-mation, knowledge and insights are transformed into results.


Concerning its importance and impact, management is comparable to the operating system of computers: Prof. Malik understands right management as an “operating system” capable of evolving for organizations of every size and type.


The Malik ManagementSystems® enable every organization and every person to function effectively and reliably.













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