Prof. Dr. oec. habil. Fredmund Malik

Expert for Complexity Management, Governance and Leadership, Scientist, Author and Entrepreneur

Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik has developed an all new thinking and management system designed to revolutionize the leadership perspectives of top executives as well as the functioning of large organizations. They were created to empower top leaders to master complexity and the dynamic new challenges of the 21st century. His innovative tools apply where conventional management stops.


In 1984 Malik published his first classic on system-cybernetic management, Strategy of the Management of Complex Systems. In 1997 he first described and predicted by the name of "The Great Transformation21" what we experience today: a long and protracted phase of mostly unexpected societal turbulence including financial collapse and debt crises. Contrary to mainstream opinion, early on Malik has localized the roots of these turbulences not in the world of finance only but much more so in the growing complexity of today’s global systems and the inadequacy of conventional management methods to effectively deal with it.

A key element of Malik’s approach is understanding management beyond profit making and much more widely as the societal function that enables society and its diverse organizations to function properly and humanely, especially under conditions of rising complexity and severe tensions.

Therefore Malik has based management not on business administration only but on cybernetics and the systems sciences. His results are a novel set of multidimensional management systems and tools for the great challenges of business and society. These tools include the unique Syntegration® procedures, a new kind of social technology for adapting organizations in real time to even fastest-changing environments.

Malik’s management systems apply to all types and levels of organizations as well as to teams and to individual persons. They ensure management compatibility and coherence throughout an organization and also shared understanding, language, and knowledge which are the pre-condition for speed of action and the effective self-regulation and self-organization of complex systems.

Malik’s university studies comprise the fields of logic and philosophy of science, business and economics, social sciences, systems theory and cybernetics of complex systems. He earned both his doctorate and habili-tation in system-cybernetic corporate management. He was Professor for General Corporate Management, Governance and Leadership at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (1974 – 2004), and a Guest Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (1992 – 1998). He is Special and Honorary Professor at three renowned Chinese universities. In 1984 he founded the Malik Institute in St. Gallen which he heads as Chairman and CEO. The Institute has been among the leading knowledge organizations for cybernetic thinking and management solutions ever since.

Fredmund Malik is the author of more than ten award-winning bestsellers and some 300 further publications. His classic Managing Performing Living was selected amongst the best 100 business books of all time. 


Publications (selection):

» Maucher and Malik on Management: Maxims of Corporate Management. 2013.
»  Managing Performing Living: Effective Management for a New Era. 2006, 2012. (Chosen amongst the best 100 business books of all times)
» Series: “Management: Mastering Complexity”:
  Volume 1: Management: The Essence of the Craft. 2010.
  Volume 2: Corporate Policy and Governance:
  How Organizations Self-Organize. 2011.
  Volume 3: Strategy: Navigating the Complexity of the New World. 2013.
» The Right Corporate Governance: Effective Top Management for Mastering Complexity. 2012.
» Strategie des Managements komplexer Systeme. 10th edition 2008. (Strategy for Managing Complex Systems. Based on the 10th Edition of the German Original 1984. (English translation pending)).
» Uncluttered Management Thinking:
  46 Concepts for Masterful Management. 2011.
» Bionics – Fascination of Nature. Ed., MCB-Publishing House, 2007.
» Since 1993 he has been the author and publisher of the most read management letter in the German speaking region of Europe: Malik Letter (malik on management®-Letter (m.o.m.®)).
» Numerous audio and video productions on managing complexity, on bionics, cybernetics, govern-ance, leadership and on a functioning society and economy.


He has also received numerous awards for his research and work.

Awards (selection):

»  1975 PhD in complex systems methodology with the highest distinction. Amititia Prize awarded for the best PhD of the academic year 1975 at the University of St. Gallen
» 2009 Cross of Honor for Science and Art of the Republic of Austria for his Wholistic Management Systems
» 2010 Heinz von Foerster-Prize for Organizational Cybernetics, German Association for Cybernetics
» 2011 2013 Special and Honorary Professorships at three Chinese universities


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"Fredmund Malik is one of the most influential business thinkers in Europe …"

Business Week

"Fredmund Malik has become the leading analyst of, and expert on, Management in Europe … and a powerful force in shaping it as a consultant. He is a commanding figure – in theory as well as in the practice of Management."

Prof. Peter F. Drucker, Doyen of management, about Fredmund Malik

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