Managing Performing Living

Effective Management for a new Era

Managing Performing Living - The Malik bestseller was voted as one of the 100 best busi­ness books of all times in November 2011. more


On July 9, 2015, Campus publishing house has released the new (and third) English edition of "Managing Performing Living" in a soft cover version.


Managing Performing Living has been the benchmark book for management for many years now (first German release in 2000) and ranks among the 100 best business books of all time. In it, Fredmund Malik shows what all managers and experts in a leading position need to always know anywhere. He provides his readers the principles, tasks and tools for effective leadership, management and self-management. Now Malik has completely revised his classic. The current re-edition was published in German in August 2014, and is now also available in English.


More people than ever have to deal with management tasks nowadays. Managing Performing Living is a useful and in many cases critical book that will help you make a difference between right and wrong, good and bad management. This difference will determine the effectiveness of every social organization, their competitiveness in the business world as well as the quality of life of most people.


Managing Performing Living contains the knowledge and tools that should always be available and ready for use in all organizations - in companies as well as in various other institutions and organizations in society. This book shows the requirements in every position in which a person has to manage and to perform as well as to live his or her life.


In this classic study from management expert Fredmund Malik, managers will find sound professional advice for successful management in their organizations. Malik offers advice for improving skills in organization, decision-making, supervising, budgeting, and numerous other management-related tasks. This volume is designed for managers in business and industry, students of management, public and university administrators, and executives in other types of organizations. It can be used independently or as a companion volume to Malik’s Management: The Essence of the Craft.


"Managers who want to come to a critical review of their management bevaviour and management system will find no other book that is more stimulating." - manager magazin


"The management professor introduces techniques for preparing sound decisions, quantifying objectives, optimizing the development of staff, and replacing a failing war on many fronts by a few powerful projects." - Die Zeit